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THE ENGLISH BLOGGERS OF 3EI2  – third form-group1/2

(HS-Saalfelden Bahnhof – 2013/14)

We are a group of 18 boys and girls – thirteen years old – on the way to become ambitious “English-bloggers”.

E bloggers 3EI2

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The very first pictures and drawings in our e-portfolios were produced by ourselves!

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My best friend Barbara!

I have known Barbara for nine years. She lives in Saalfelden. Her address is Haid … . She has green eyes and light brown hair. Barbara often wears a dress or a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

The girl often plays music with her family. We first met in the kindergarden. I meet Barbara at school every day and sometimes we meet at home. We never fell out, but sometimes we have discussed. When we meet, we make a presentation for school or play some games. I like that Barbara is happy every day and she is a very good friend.



By train to France

This year my family and I went to France. We stayed there for one week. We went by a train and then we drove home by car with friends. In our holiday destination there were two other families inspite of us. We all spent our holidays there.

On Saturday, the 13th of July, we started our journey at the railway station in Saalfelden. On Sunday we reached our hotel near Nantes. We were near the Atlantic ocean. It was very cold, but nevertheless we swam. The breakfast-buffet was great. Every time we went to the beach. On Wednesday we visited an “Ocearium”. There were lots of fish. On Friday we went back home. It was a nice adventure and I would do it again, perhaps in ten years.



We are 5 people in my family. My mum Christine, my father Josef, my sister Martina, my brother Julian and I. My mum is thirty eight years old and she leases appartements. She has got brown-blond hair and green eyes. My father is fourty-one years old and works at our farm. He has got brown hair and blue eyes. My sister is fourteen years old and attends „Bakip“. My brother is seven years and goes to school in Saalfelden. We all like swimming and hiking. Our family has breakfast together every Sunday. Mostly every Sunday we have an activity in nature.

My grandmother’s names are Anneliese and Maria. One grandmother, Maria, lives in the same house as I do. She lives there with my grandfather Johann. My other grandmother lives in Leogang.

In Leogang are my aunt Elke, my uncle Matthias and my cousins Matthias, Andreas, Marina and Stefanie. Matthias is twelve years, Andreas seven years, Marina five years and Stefanie is two weeks old. They are very nice. My other aunt and my other uncle live in Niedernsill. Their names are Maria and Johann. My other cousins‘ names are Thomas and Alexandra. Thomas is twenty-one years and Alexandra is eighteen years old. They are very nice too.imagesCA5KPEG9



imagesCAR5QVOJFriday 13th

When I got up in the morning and had a look on my calendar, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy day. I am very, very superstitious, because I had a lot of bad adventures on Friday the 13th. My family is not superstitious, they say: “That’s nonsense!” My mum says I shouldn’t think about these things!

 First I couldn’t find my jacket, but suddenly I found it and could go to school. Our neighbor worked on his roof and at the wall of his house there was a ladder. I walked under it, because I thought: that’s funny. Suddenly I remembered that it will bring bad luck to me.

And it came true:

I forgot my homeworks at home – in all subjects. When I went out of school, a pail full of water fell on my head. At home I burned my tongue. In the evening, in the shower, I took the false shampoo and all my hair fell out. On this day I went to bed at six o’clock.My mum could convince me and now I’m not superstitious any more.


Oh my god!!!

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon Maria went to a restaurant with her daughter Lisa and her son Peter. They wanted to celebrate Lisa’s birthday.

They chose a very comfortable restaurant near a lake. Maria ordered a tomato soup, Lisa an onion soup and Peter a noodle soup as a starter. The waiter wrote it on a piece of paper and said: “Straight away!”After some time the waiter brought the soups. Maria looked in her bowl and saw a big, ugly insect. She felt very sick and she wasn’t hungry any longer. She said to her daughter: “ Call for the waiter!” The waiter came and was impressed. After some minutes he said: “ It’s not my fault, my boss is the cook!”

Maria’s children ate their soups, Maria paid and then the family left the restaurant. They would never come back to this house again.



My house

We live in Breitenbergham, that’s near Ritzensee. In our house there live my family members and my grandparents. The house has got two floors. There is a big kitchen with a brown table. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there.Our living room is light and comfortable.The apartment of my grandparents is on the first floor. There they have got everything they need, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. Our home office is very small but all folders and the computer are there. We have got a bathroom with a large bathtub. Our bedrooms are large and have got a wardrobe and a carpet. We have got a big garden next to the house. There is a flower bed and a special spiral for herbs. My brother and I can play games in the garden. We like trampolin jumping a lot. The best place in my house is the living room. We have got a black television there.The wardrobe is full of dishes. Next to the wardrobe is the sofa. It’s very comfortable and nice. In the middle of the room there are two white carpets. I like the living room very much.My ideal room should be big and with lots of windows. It should have a blue carpet next to the bed.It should have a brown desk with a computer.Then it would be perfect for me.





Dear Julia,

Mrs Evening has just told us about your accident in town. I’ve heard you crashed into a car with your bike. Now you have got two broken legs and two broken arms. Mrs Evening told us you have to stay at home for six weeks. Two weeks in hospital and four weeks at home. Unfortunately we have to make three tests. But you need not do any revisions our teacher said. In three weeks we will visit you at home. All classmates and our teacher will come. Miss Evening will phone your mum. On this day we can play games and sing songs. Last week our class won the music competion at school. It was very funny, but together with you everything is better.

Good health and see you soon, yours Andrea





My house and the best place in it       

 My family  and I live in a big flat with two floors. In our house there are seven flats.The kitchen is near my sister’s room. We have a nice flat. My room is next to the bathroom. My mum’s and dad’s room is between my and my sister’s room. Our garden is big with a lot of flowers. Our cat spends a lot of time there. My sister and I often play with them. In our living room is a big sofa and a flat screen TV. There is also a computer and a tank with a lot of fish in it. This room has seven windows. In our kitchen is a table with four chairs and a bench. We have a fridge and a new cooker. In the bathroom there is a green rug and a washbasin. In my sister’s room is a bed, an orange wardrobe and a big desk with a lot of things on it. This room has three windows. In my room is also a big bed and a desk. I have a besidetable with a pink lamp on it. My room has three windows. My parent’s room is great, because they have a big bed and a very long wardrobe. My ideal room should have a door to the garden and a TV in it. I also would like to have a water-bed and a pink rug.    s



               Friday 13th

When I got up in the morning and I had a look on my calender, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy day. I am very superstitious, because all my family members are superstitious, too.

I had a lot of problems on Friday the 13th . When I woke up in the morning I went to have breakfast but before I arrived in the kitchen I fell down the stairs. When we had breakfast my father broke his coffeecup. Then I went to brush my teeth. My necklace fell into the toilet. So I had to search for it. When I found it, I went into my room to put on my clothes. Then I went to school. There I had no accidents. After school I had to buy some milk. When I wanted to pay, there was no money in my pocket. I quickly ran home to sleep.

After this day  I knew that Friday the 13th is a really bad luck day.


         My Summer Holidays

 This year my family and I stayed at home. We spent a lot of time at a lake or we rode our bikes. I also met my friends and went to the cinema with them. I had a lot of fun. Sometimes we had a barbecue.

My holidays were great. I liked them a lot and I think holidays at home are as good as holidays in a foreign country.

Now I’ m happy to be at school again because I can meet my friends every day and I have a nice time at school.


Dear John

Miss Green has just told us about your accident. I’ve heard you have fallen from a tree in your garden. Now your leg hurts you have to to stay at home for five weeks, that’s very boring. But this way you need not do a lot of homework and you need not learn for the maths- revision. We have an examination in English tomorrow. Our basketballl team has won the school’s cup. We must study hard for our exams. Liz is also in hospital, because she crashed into a lamp post and broke her nose. It was teribble. I am very happy to see you again in five weeks. Your classmates and I will prepare a welcome party for you.

See you : Vicky


     My family  

 My name is Victoria. My mum’s name is Ingrid and my dad’s name is Sixtus . I have got one sister, her name is Madlen. My mum works in a textile shop as a saleswoman. My dad works as a machine expert at SIG. My sister is a school girl, she attends fourth form. Our hobbies are cycling. We often go mountain climbing. My family and I live in Saalfelden in Zellerstraße. We have a big flat.Our garden is very nice. My grandparents are Norbert and Magdalena and they live in a big house in Ruhgassing. Next to them, there is my uncels‘ house. He lives there with his wife and his three kids. They are called Laura, Rene and the little baby’s name is Lindal. I have got eleven cousins. They all are very nice. I have got nine aunts and uncels.



   Our family rules    

I’m allowed to watch TV after ten. But only at the weekend. During the week I can watch TV till nine o’clock. I can watch all films, but I’m not allowed to watch criminal films. Because there is too much blood in them. I’m not allowed to listen to loud music, because our neibhours would be angry then. I’m allowed to go out till six at school times and at the weekend till eight o’clock. My bedtime is at nine o’clock. My sister goes to bed at ten o’clock. I wouldn’t like to dye my hair, because I love my hair, but my parents say I could do what I want, because it’s my hair. I’m not allowed to get a nose stud or a tattoo or a piercing, but I don’t like these things at all. I’m happy with our school rules.


My best friend Barbara

I have known her for eight years. Barbara is not very tall. She is thin. Her hairs are brown and she has very nice blue eyes. Barbara often wears jeans and a T- shirt. Her hobbies are bike riding, swimming and climbing mountains. We first met in the kindergarden. She lives in Haid on a very nice farm. I see her every day at school. I have never fallen out with her. When we meet we often go shopping or swimming. I like in her that she is very honest and funny.





♥My best friend ♥

My best friend’s name is Rebecca, but I call her Becci. Becci has wonderful brown hair and radiant brown eyes. Becci is 13 years old and attends the same class as I do. Becci lives near my house and has one brother. His name is Nick. Nick also attends our school. The name of Becci’s mum is Christine. Her father’s name is Rudi. Becci and I always meet at school. There she sits next to me. We also meet in our freetime. Every weekend I do something with her. We’ve already experienced a lot together. The best experience I’ve ever had with her was when Becci and I went to Germany with her father . We were 3 days there and it was so great. Becci and I have never fallen out. I love Becci with all her „corners and edges“, because she is my best friend. 


♥My house ♥

My family and I live in a large house in Saalfelden.  The houe is yellyow and for me a beautiful one. In our house there is a living room, a little office, my mum’s room, my sister’s  room, my room and so on. We have a big garden with apple trees and a pool. I like the garden very much, because I love to play football there. Our garden looks very beautiful . In my roon there is a big bed and a TV with a large flatscreen . In my sister’s room there is a little bed with a big wardrobe. In my mother’s room there are a large bed and a lot of windows. I think the best place in our house is the living room. There is a large sofa ,a hometrainer and a TV.  I like this room very much , because my family is often there.


The Restaurant

Last weedend the Hutters went to a Chinese restaurant, because Lea had her birthday. The restaurant, looked old and ugly . After three hours the waiter came. Mr Hutter said : “ We thought this is the best restaurant of the world, but it’s not!!! “ The waiter said : “ Sorry sir, I’m so sorry.“ After 20 minutes the waiter came with the food for the family . But they didn’t like the food , because they had waited so long and in Lea’s soup there was a fly. So they stood up and went home . They said : “ We don’t want to pay our bill in this restaurant!!“


 A Birthday Party-InvitationimagesCAPX2BJ3

My birthday is on Saturday and I’m going to have a party in the cinema. We are going to meet at half past three. Then we’ll watch “ Ice age “ . There will be lots of popcorn and cola. After the film we all are going to go to McDonalds for a burger. Please come with us !!!

See you, Hannah 


Dear Sesa♥

Mrs Hoffman has just told us what had happened. I’ve heard you went to a horse farm with your sister , because you love horses. The farm is on the opposite side of your street . You didn’t look right or left. So you went over the street quickly and you didn’t see the red car ( it was very fast). So it hit you.  In hospital the doctor said : ,, This boy had much luck! He has just broken his arm.“ So you won’t go to school for 4 weeks. On Friday we’ll have a test about insects. The girls will have a volleyball match on Monday. I hope they’ll win. WE MISS YOU AND WE ALL LOVE YOU AND WISH THE BEST !!!!!!!!

Your classmates ♥





A big problem!

My family and I went to Italy in stayed there in a big hotel. We went there by a car, but after four hours our car broke down on the freeway. So we had to wait for a breakdown lorry. Then they brought us to a garage. At ten p.m. my family and I hired a car and drove to our hotel. We often went swimming or went to old cities. The cities were very interesting. After one week we got our car back and went to the sea. There we went swimming in the sea and played ball. The weather was always sunny and warm. The landscape and the scenery were beautiful. The most interesting thing was to go to the blue sea and to go swimming. The most boring thing was sleeping in tents. After two weeks we drove home. I would make this trip again, because it was very nice.


Friday 13th!!!!

 When I got up in the morning and I had a look on my calender, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy day. I am very superstitious, because I am always scared. My father isn’t superstitious, because he isn’t scared at all. My mum isn’t superstitious too, because she has her birthday on Friday 13th. My two brothers aren’t superstitious, because they aren’t scared at all. My friend Sophia is superstitious, because she is a fraidy cat.

After breakfast, I had to go to school. I opened the door and there was a big, black cat in front of the door. I was frightened and screamed and after this the cat was frightened, too. I ran  out of the house quickly. Suddenly I didn’t see the ladder in front of the school building. I went below the ladder. I was very scared and ran ento my classroom. After school I went to a supermarket where they sold toys. In the last box I saw a pink pig. I thought: „A pig will bring me good luck!“ Then I went home. In front of my house, I saw a chimney sweep with a ladder. I said: “ I will always take the pig with me wjem I go out of my house.“


The Bite!

James was alone in a town, because he did the shopping.

Suddenly he heard a strange noise. James turned round and saw a golden key on the ground. He picked the key up. It was an old key from the old house. James put the key in the door of the house. The door was open then and James went into the house. He sat on a chair. It was very comfortable. Suddenly James saw a black cat, a brown dog and a white rabbit. They were very angry.The animals ran to James and bit his hand.

James was sad and ran out of the house.



 Last week Max, Lilli and Lisa went to the best restaurant of the town, because the were hungry.

The restaurant looked very comfortable. The waiter came to them and said: „Hello, I have got a nice table near the window for you. Come with me.“ The family went to their chairs and sat down. It was very comfortable there. Max, Lilli and Lisa ordered three tomato soups and three glasses of orange juice. After ten minutes they got their food. Suddenly Lilli shouted: „Oh, my god! There’s a big fly in my tomato soup!“ All the guests at the other tables looked at her. Lilli was very angry.

The waiter came to Lilli and said: „Sorry, I can bring you another soup and….. .“ „No, no, no, I’ll go now and never come back!“, shouted Lilli very loudly. The family went out of the restaurant and went into the neighbouring one.


The Rabhen

The Rabhen was a kind of rabbit and hen, because it had the peak and feathers of a hen but it also looked a little bit like a rabbit. It lived in the city of Atlantis together with the people there. The Rabhen ate grass and lots of fruits. It played with the kids every day and slept in their houses. The animal often went to the sea and caught fish, crayfish and octopusses for the people. Its best friend was a dogcat. They often played in the sea and they met every day. The Atlantians loved the rabhen, because it was their pet.


Trick or treat

… Jim went to the house again, because he had thrown a stone at a window. It had made a plopp. My sister was happy, but I was not. Jim ran to us, because the old man looked out of the door. Suddenly the man come out with a big dog and they ran to us. I shoutet to Jim: „What are you going to do?“ Then I said: „Don’t do that!“ My sister answered: „Let’s got to our parents.“ The dog was very quick, But Jim, Kerry and I were very fast and ran outside the gate. Then we ran to our house.

At home our mother asked: „What’s going on? Why did you run so fast?“ I answered: „We played a trick on the old man in the castle and now we feel so sad. I never will experience a Halloween adventure like this.


My best friend Sarah

 We have known since 2001, for 12 years. My friend’s name is Sarah and she lives in Saalfelden. She is short and very thin. Sarah has green- grey eyes and brown, short hair. My friend’s clothes are very modern. Her hobbies are making sport and swimming. I first met her behind our houses, because we are neighbours. I meet Sarah every day. I have never fallen out with her. When we meet, we go to my house or to her house. Then we often play on the computer or we go to a supermarket to buy chocolate.

I think she is always honest to me and she is a perfect friend.



 Charlie, Sue and Mary went geo-caching one day. Mary and Charlie met Sue in front of Sue‘s house. They took a GPS unit and three umbrellas with them. Mary and her friends went to a long hill first and then they crossed a field. After some time Charlie, Sue and Mary felt hungry and tired. Later they arrived in a dark forest. Sue and her friends weren‘t happy. There next stop was a big river. Mary said: “We have to swim across it.“ So, they went in the river and swam. Suddenly the friends saw a waterfall. After 10 minutes they went out of the water and went into the forest.

Suddenly Charlie found a hole and there was a box in it. In the box there were three wrist watches and one hundred little chocolates.

They took the box with them and went home. At home the friends ate the sweets and put the watches on their arms.


Our Family Rules!

I am allowed to watch TV after nine every day. On Saturdays and Sundays I am allowed to watch TV after eleven. I can watch most films, but I am not allowed to watch horror films because then I can’t sleep. I don’t listen to loud music because my ears don’t like that. I am allowed to go out during the week and on the weekend. During week days I am allowed to go out after eight and on weekends after nine. I am allowed to go to bed at ten o’clock. My two brothers are allowed to go to bed at nine o’clock. I am not allowed to cut my hair, but I am allowed to open my hair. I am allowed to get a tattoo, but I am not allowed to get a stud and a piercing. At school we aren’t allowed to talk during the lessons. I don’t like this because I like to talk to my friend.


Dear Sophia,

Mrs. Bad has just told us about your accident. I‘ve heard you tried to ride on a cow at your grandparents‘ farm, but after some seconds you fell down and hurt your left knee. You were in hospital for one night and now you have to stay at home for two weeks. It‘s no problem that you are at home now, because we don‘t have any tests and examinations. July and I will bring you the homeworks and so you can learn. The school‘s football team has a match next week. It‘s a pity you can‘t watch it. Chrissi and Moni feel sick, they have stomage ache. I hope you haven‘t too much pain and I hope you will come to school soon.

Lots of love,

your friends of 2b.







Friday 13th

When I got up in the morning I had a look on my calendar, I knew it wouldn´t be an easy day. I am not superstitious, because I have a black cat and I didn´t have bad luck at any time. All my family members are not superstitious, because they think it is nonsense.

On this Friday 13th I went to school, but it was very icy and I slipped. At school I got my E-test back, but I had a FAIL. I thought: „That’s Friday 13th!“ Why did all that happen? The teacher came to me and said: „Sorry, I had a look at your test once more and corrected your mark. You have an A now! I thought: „Friday 13th is not just a bad luck day, for me. Better to say it is a good luck day, because now I have a perfect mark in the test.“

On the next Friday 13th I went to school as always and wrote a lot of good marks.


My best trip ever

My best trip ever was to Carinthia. My family and I lived in a hotel. The hotel had an own beach. The weather was always sunny and hot. We went there by car. I went to Carinthia,because I knew it would be perfect there  and indeed it was very cool and funny. On the last day we drove to Minimundus.

It was very interesting there, but the way home was boring. I would do the journey again, because it was cool and interesting.

That was my best trip ever.800px-Minimundus117

The terrible shark

I watched the film „The terrible shark“. It is a horror-story. The film was produced in the year 1964. The main character was a shark. The shark lived in a big fish tank in a USA fish-museum. But one day the tank broke and the shark had no water. Suddenly he got feet and he was a terrible animal. He got rabies and ate all people in the hall of the museum. The ending of the film was not a happy one. The shark was still in the museum and all people who went there  died.

The film was very interesting and a bit funny and thrilling. I woud like to watch the film once more, because it was an interesting story.




 I have known him for three years.

The name of my best friend is Philipp Ober*********. Philipp is tall and has green eyes. His hobbies are laughing and playing football. His favorite music is dubstep. He has light brown hair and black glasses. I met Phil in the first class at school.

He lives in ******** 56. I meet Phil two times a week. I have never fallen out with him, because we are good friends and we never fight against each other. When Philipp comes to me, we play football and play computer games. I like him, because he is very funny and honest.



I am allowed to watch TV at night. I can watch all films I want, but no horror films. Because they are for people who are over 18. I am allowed to listen to loud music and sometimes I do that. I am allowed to go out late. I can play football and play other games with my friends. During the week I am not allowed to go to bed later than 11 o’clock. At weekends I can go to bed when I want. I can dye my hair in all colours I want, but I like my hair colour and I never would dye it green. I am not allowed to have a stud or a piercing. At school, I don’t like the rule to have no bubble gum.



April 3rd, 2014

Stefan R.

Downtown 77

5761 Los Santos


Mrs. Schwabl

Josef  Riedlerstraße 5

5760 Saalfelden


Dear Mrs. Schwabl

The reason for my petition is to have more sport at school.

I want to have more PE-lessons, because it is good for our body, our health, our brine and sport makes us happy, especially good games are super. We could organise the PE-lessons, when cancelling some English-lessons. We could have two hours lunchtime, one hour sport and one more hour lunchtime.


Stefan R.



My best trip ever

My best and also funniest trip ever was to Turkey with my family. We went there by Turkish Airlines and landed in Antalya. We went on by bus and after 10 o’clock in the evening we arrived at the hotel. There we could go to sleep at eleven o’clock in the evening. The next day we went to eat breakfast. There were so many meals, that I couldn’t eat all of them. At 9.30 we went to the beach to drive with the banana boat. After that we swam in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather was sunny and hot all day and so we could go to swim in the sea all the time. We went there, because it was very hot  and all of our family had much fun and time to relax. The best of our hotel was the waterslide world, because there were very big slides and I tested all of them. The most interesting thing of our trip was the shopping tour in Antalya, because I bought many clothes. I’d like to go on such a journey again, because the weather was nice, everything in the hotel and the surroundings were very clean and the food was nice, too.



When I got up in the morning and had a look on my calendar I knew it wouldn’t be an easy day. I am not superstitious, but sometimes I believe in such nonsense. I sometimes believe in that, because I am made nervous by some people who are superstitious. My friends are also not very superstitious.

This Friday 13th I went to school as usual, but my dad was standing on a ladder in front of our house and so I had to pass below it and a black cat crossed my way to school. I started to run and forgot  that I had a test this day and three revisions. I got a bad mark in every test. As I went home I didn’t see a car coming towards me and so I was hurt brought to  hospital. Next Friday 13th I will stay in my panic room at home.

 Freitag der 13. FRIDAY 13th


I’ve known him for three years. His name is Michael H. Michael is tall and wears glasses. He likes playing computer games. His eyes are green and brown. Michael wears modern clothes. We first met at school. He lives in Haid, Saalfelden. We meet five times a week. In first form/ secondary school we’ve fallen out every day but then we laughed about ourselves and at last we got friends again. I don’t know why we fell out at all. When we meet we laugh all the time and have a lot of fun together. I like him because I can have fun with him and we play computer games. He is also very honest, therefore I  like him.Rage face

LOL Bild



I am allowed to watch TV longer than eight o’clock on school days. I’m allowed to watch all kinds of films, but no thrillers and horror films. My parents don’t want that I watch these films, because they don’t want that I can’t sleep. I am allowed to listen to loud music. I’m not allowed to go out at night, because my parents think I could get lost then. Bed time is at 8 o’clock. For my sister it’s at 8 o’clock, too. My parents would allow different hairstyles, but I don’t want to try them out. My parents never would allow nose studs and things like these and I wouldn’t want to get one. I think it’s not fair that we aren’t allowed to use our mobiles at school, because then everything would be easier.



A letter to our headmistress

Philipp O.
Failstreet 55

89999 Mineville

Mrs. Schwabl
Josef-Riedler Straße 5
5760 Saalfelden

Dear Mrs Schwabl!
We, the boys and girls from the 3c, want to have more PE lessons, because it’s important that we have sports every day.
I’d like to have more PE lessons, because it’s important to have sports every day. I’d like to play ball games at school, to be fit every time, to have fun and to do something for my fitness. The “new sports lessons” should be taught according to the students‘ wishes. It would be nice to get an own teacher in those lessons. It would be nice to go out in spring and summer, but only if the weather is nice. It would be also nice to do some climbing exercises.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely, Philipp O.